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B Sure® is a unique foliar nutrient solution produced by microbial fermentation that increases the activity of important metabolic and photosynthetic pathways in the crop. The nutrients found in B Sure including carbon, nitrogen, true protein, free amino acids and other micro-nutrients, are essential to plant development and are known to:

  • Boost plant metabolism
  • Support plant health and vigor during critical stages
  • Stimulate root growth

B Sure benefits:

Trial Data Information

Below are field trial results that demonstrate the value of B Sure and iNvigorate:

Sweet Onion Trial
California Strawberries Trial

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B Sure Yield Benefits
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Keith Hendrickson on B Sure
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B Sure and HYT B are OMRI listed.


" The benefits of B Sure on crops under stress are immediately visible. The quick greening is amazing to see! "

- Julio Lozano, US Southern Regional Manager of Agrinos