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Agrinos Announces New Distribution Agreement with SEFERSSA in Mexico

DAVIS, Calif. (February 21, 2019)—Agrinos is excited to announce that it has entered into a new distribution agreement with SEFERSSA, a leading agricultural company offering innovative solutions to growers in the Mexican states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Jalisco and Colima.

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Agrinos Featured in Video Series Recognizing Global Thought Leaders

DAVIS, Calif. (February 5, 2019)—Agrinos was recently featured in a documentary series produced by The Business Debate and distributed by the international news agency Reuters. As part of its Global Thought Leadership Series, The Business Debate produced a video recognizing Agrinos as a visionary company that’s developing important new technologies which will help shape the future of agricultural sustainability and global food security.

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Brazil Dry Bean Trials Demonstrate Yield Gains with HYT B AminoVita

SAO PAULO, Brazil. (January 22, 2019)—Results from recent field trials in Rio Paranaiba, Brazil demonstrate significant yield improvement on dry beans treated with HYT B AminoVita® in combination with a post-emergent herbicide. The trial results showed that using AminoVita with a post-emergent herbicide resulted in a 14 percent yield increase compared to test plots treated with a post-emergent herbicide alone.

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